Analysis of the colocation market in Nogales

Nogales concentrates more than 15 million people and is the most direct route between Guadalajara and the United States, connecting with all along the Gulf of California including the submarine cable to Baja California in Mexico.

What you will find in the analysis

El tráfico estimado en esta zona supera los 2 Terabits por segundo. Nogales ofrece una oportunidad única para traer más diversidad a las rutas de fibra existentes en este mercado. Estos son algunos de los puntos que encontrarás en el análisis:

  • City growth indicators
  • Key communication points: bridges, airports, highways
  • Natural disaster risk levels
  • Nearby interconnection hubs
  • Internet consumption dynamics in the Gulf of California 
  • MDC's new neutral proposal and its growth opportunity
Telecom in Mexico makes its way to Nogales
"Increasingly, Mexican operators are choosing to focus on the border to interconnect with international providers. Today, the need to extend their networks to Dallas or Los Angeles is less and less and that has driven growth in markets like Nogales, where MDC's neutral proposition is unique."

Mauricio Flores
COO at MDC Data Centers
"Nogales is a key market for the interconnection of Mexican operators with Tier-1 access providers and content networks. The analysis demonstrates the opportunity in this market for those operators that do not yet have a presence and the advantage of having a neutral colocation partner such as MDC."

Joel Pacheco
CMO at MDC Data Centers