El Paso is a perfect place to interconnect with Mexican Networks

More and more content providers are choosing El Paso for interconnection and the list keeps growing! Download our market analysis to learn why this city is a premier option to engage with telecoms in Mexico.

What’s inside

With this market analysis you will learn more about:

  • Demographics in El Paso
  • Communication and travel access in El Paso
  • El Paso's low-risk level of natural disasters
  • Growth of Mexican networks in El Paso
  • Internet usage trends in El Paso and Ciudad Juárez
  • Neighboring colocation markets: Los Angeles,  Dallas,  & Phoenix
  • Network density in El Paso
  • MDC El Paso
El Paso: A Gateway to Mexico’s Telecom Industry
"El Paso is an important interconnection hub for Mexico and the World. The city features significant growth in carrier density with a particular concentration of Mexican networks, which are no longer going to Dallas and LA for peering. This analysis presents an overview of the market and the size of the opportunity for telecom providers."

Joel Pachecho
CMO at MDC Data Centers
"El Paso is a potential market; the pipeline of Mexican carriers to connect doesn't stop. The analysis makes clear why content providers and ISP should pay attention to this accelerated growth. You will also find information on how MDC faces the increased demand for neutral interconnection services in this crucial border city."

Mauricio Flores
COO at MDC Data Centers